Valentine’s Dance

Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate with your special someone and your family, and we provide the perfect venue, Illio Dipaolo’s Restaurant. This annual occasion creates a wonderful evening of music and dance that is perfect for anyone who suffers from tremors and slowed motion. The thrill of the evening erases any possibility of embarrassment. Pat Weigel, RN, and Dr. Kim Trinidad founded the event, inspired by the number of patients who seemed to believe that PD had limited their social options.

So, you haven’t danced in years because of PD? Well, so many others have found their steps once again through this magical night that it is a “must do” on their calendars. A qualified instructor is always on hand to lead everyone of any capability through motions inspired by music. Once the songs begin to play, the canes, walkers and wheelchairs become components of the motions, partners for moving to the music. It is an incredible evening of appreciation and companionship. You won’t want to miss it. A nominal fee is charged. Click here for more information!